University of Roorkee

List Of Ph.D. Thesis Completed

1. Umesh Kumar 1997 Isolation & Characterization of stress Tolerant Strains of Rhizobium.
2. Jitendra Singh 1997 Influence of Zinc Nutrition in Relations to plant metabolism : Biochemical & Physiologyical changes in Mungbean (VIGNA RADIATA K- 851) Seedlings with particular reference to cell wall proteins.
3. Vani Chandra 1997 Studies on Yeast Lipids used as Lubricant additives.
4. Uma Sharma 1996 Interaction of Anticancerous Drug Daunomycin with Nucleic Acids by 2D NMR techniques
5. Nandana Srivatava 1996 Interaction of Anticancerous Drug adriamycin specific Oligonuclotides eg. d- CGATCG.
6. Anumpan Srivastava 1996 Studies on Development of membrane sensors and their analytical applications.
7. Neerja Srivastava 1996 Influence of Salinity on plant metabolism: Some physiological and biochemical changes in peanut seedlings (Atachis hypogea, alpha) with special reference to cell wall proteins.
8. A.B.Pant 1996 Some Immunological and chemotherapeutic studies on In Vitro Exorythrocytic stages of Rodent Malaria
9. P.K.Swain 1996 Molecular and Biochemical studies on Anthrax Lethal Toxin.
10. Shakeela Khan 1996 Analysis of select Ecosystems with special reference to Biodiversity and Tolerance Characteristics.
11. Shalini Roy 1996 Analytical and Biochemical studies of Fenitrothion.
12. Soma Sen 1995 Biochemical studies on vacuolar ATPase of legumes : Tonoplast ATPase from peanut.
13. Anu Gupta 1995 Studies on Glycoprotein Enzymes of Peanut Cotyledon Cell Membranes : Purification to Homogeneity and Characterization of some Glycopolypeptides with Highly specific AMPase Activity.
14. Sanjay Gupta 1995 Bioprocess Development of Citric Acid production. 15.S.K.Gupta1995Survey of Airborne Fungi and Role of Basidiomycetes as Aeroallergens.
15. S.K.Gupta 1994 Survey of Airborne Fungi and Role of Basidiomycetes as Aeroallergens.
16. Manju Rani 1994 Characterization of Genes Involved in Biosynthesis of Some Amino Acids in Rhizobium meliloti.
17. Neeti Srivastava 1994 Biochemical Investigation on the Maturation of Sperm in Epididymis.
18. Meenakshi Gaur 1994 Studies on BetaGalactosidase from the Goat Epididymis.
19. Anita Gupta 1992 Protein - nucleic acid interactions : Interaction of Tyr-containing model oligopeptides with some deoxyligonucleotides.
20. Ritushree Garg 1992 Histological and biochemical studies on the effect of nickel in biological systems.
21. Dinesh Kumar 1992 Effect of water quality parameters on biota.
22. Sandhya Goyal 1992 Protactive role of Vitamin B12 against methyl- parathion toxicity in ophicephalus (CHANNA) punctatus.
23. Rajeev Gautam 1991 Studies on the role of prolactin in the control of epididymal structure and function in male albino rats.
24. Ujjwala Kamat 1991 Studies on plasma membrane 1, 3-beta-D-glucan synthase of peanut cotyledon cells.
25. M.M.Assadi 1991 Biodegradation of crude oil.
26. Anwer Mujeeb1 1990 Drug-nucleic acid Interactions.
27. Basav Dutta 1990 Influence of prolactin on the epididymal lipid profiles of male albino rats.
28. Prasoon Chaturvedi 1990 Purification and Characterization of goat milk oligosaccharides by HPLC and High field proton NMR.
29. Jaba Das 1990 Studies on glycoprotein enzymes of plant storage tissues : Purification and characterization of acid phosphatase isoenzymes from the membranes of Peanut cotyledons cells.
30. Ashwani Lakhani 1990 Bioconversion of lignocellulosic waste materials.
31. Kush Garg 1990 Bioconversion of molasses to citric acid.
32. S.N.Kumar 1990 Mineral load and transport in upper Ganga basin.
33. S.K.Sisodia 1990 Ecological studies of upper Ganaga - Identification and representation of the state of the river.
34. Shrikant Kukreti 1989 Protein-nucleic acid interactions.
35. Omar Mohd. Baasabba 1989 Biophysical investigation on plant membranes with particular emphasis on germination of peanut cotyledons.
36. Beena Tyagi 1988 Studies of some physicochemical and biological aspects of building stone deterioration and preservation.
37. Yashoda Mittal 1988 Studies on multimolecular forms of alpha galactosidase of Cicer arisitinum seeds.