University of Roorkee

Symposium/Seminar/Workshops (Within Academic Year) organised


April 15, 1997

Sponsoring Agencies : Indian Society for Continuing Engineering Education and Indian Water Resources Society.

This seminar, which was one of activities of the Sesquicentennial Celebration(SQCC) Programme of Conferences of University of Roorkee, was organised to focus attention on the basic and applied aspects of biofertilizers. Sixty participants which included policy makers, scientists, engineers, extension workers and industrialists from various parts of the country discussed the problems related to biofertilizers. The conclusions drawn were that the country needs sufficient amounts of high quality biofertilizers and proper quality control is required. In order to achieve these goals both basic and applied research should be strengthened and the supply process to farmers should be improved. More awareness programmes are also needed to educate the farmers about the advantages of biofertilizers.

International Satellite Symposium on Complex Carbohydrates (Is a part of SIXTEENTH IUBMB Congress held at New Delhi, Sept. 19-22, 1994))

Sept. 14-16, 1994

Sponsoring Agencies : IUBMB, AICTE, INSA, CSIR and ICMR, etc.

This symposium provided a unique forum for participants involved in carbohydrate research to come together. Complex carbohydrates are of interest because of their role in important biological phenomena and cellular interactions during development, differentiation, oncogenic transformation, cell-cell recognition and intracellular communication. In addition, carbohydrates influence protein structure in terms of folding and stabilization. The cellular machinery which produces the sugar sequences are still a challenge to the scientific community. In today's world, the understanding of the molecular biology and biosynthetic pathways combined with knowledge about structure and function is essential for engineering natures biological glycosylation machinery for tailor making complex carbohydrates. Thus, the major objective of the symposium was to discuss basic aspects of carbohydrate research with the intention of sharing the data for the development of biotechnologies for industry, medicine and agriculture.