University of Roorkee


Name Degree Specialisation E-mail
Agarwal, S.K ME Structures
Anand Prakash PhD Structures
Arvind Kumar PhD Environmental
Asawa, G.L. PhD Hydraulics
Badjatia, R.C. ME RSPE
Bhandari, N.M. PhD Structures
Bhargava, D.S. PhD Environmental
Bhawani Singh PhD Geotechnical
Deepak Kashyap PhD Hydraulics
Godbole, P.N. PhD Structures
Gopal Ranjan PhD Geotechnical
Gupta, V.K. ME Structures
Jain, A.K. PhD Structures
Jain, P.K. ME Geotechnical
Jain, P.C. PhD Structures
Jain, S.S. PhD Transportation
Jain. V.C. PhD Structures
Jain, S.C. PhD Structures
Kaushik, S.K PhD Structures
Krishen Kumar PhD Structures
Mathur, A.K. ME Hydraulics
Mehandiratta, H.C. PhD Transportation
Mittal, M.K. ME Hydraulics
Pande, P.K. PhD Hydraulics
Pathak, S.K. PhD Hydraulics
Prem Krishna PhD Structures
Puri, N. PhD Structures
Ramasamy, G. PhD Geotechnical
Ranga Raju, K.G. PhD Hydraulics (Head)
Rao, A.S.R. ME Geotechnical
Saini, S.S. PhD Structures
Singh, K.K. PhD Structures
Srivastava, A.K. PhD Environmental
Srivastava, A.M.C. PhD RSPE
Swamee, P.K. PhD Hydraulics
Swami Saran PhD Geotechnical
Tiwari, R.S. PhD RSPE
Toshniwal, C.L. ME Environmental
Vasan, R.M. PhD Transportation
Viladkar, M.N. PhD Geotechnical
Vittal, N. PhD Hydraulics

Associate Professors
Name Degree Specialisation E-mail
Bhargava,Renu (Ms.) PhD Environmental
Kumar, Pradeep PhD Environmental
Prasad, Jagdish PhD Structures
Mehrotra, Indu (Ms) PhD Environmental

Assistant Professors
Name Degree Specialisation E-mail
Ahuja, A.K. PhD Structures
Arora, Manoj PhD RSPE
Bhargava, Pradeep PhD Structures
Chitranshi, U.B. MTech Environmental
Gairola, Ajay PhD Hydraulics
Garg, P.K. PhD RSPE
Ghosh, S.K. PhD RSPE
Kothyari, U.C. PhD Hydraulics
Ojha, C.S.P. PhD Hydraulics
Parida, M. PhD Transportation
Satish Chandra PhD Transportation

Name Degree Specialisation E-mail
Dubey, O.P. ME RSPE
Kamal Jain ME RSPE
Khanduri, A.C. ME Structures (on leave)
Samadhiya, N.K. ME Geotechnical

Accredited Faculty
Name Degree Specialisation E-mail
Handa, H.C. PhD Geotechnical

RSPE - Remote Sensing & Photogrammetric Engineering

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