Area of Research


The various laboratories and facilities in the Department are briefly described below:

Communication Systems Laboratory

Facilities exist for pursuing research and development work in the area of digital communication and signal processing ( Speech and Picture Coding ). The equipment avaliable for the above are:

Control Laboratory

The Control Laboratory caters to the needs of UG, PG and research students working in the areas of linear, non-linear and digital control systems, robotics, networks and low frequency data acquisition and processing.

Computer Software Laboratory

The department has well equipped software laboratories with facilities for carrying out research and development work in various areas of Computer Science. This incluses Artificial Intelligence and Expert System development, Natural Language Processing, Compiler Development, Real Time Software, etc.

Computer Hardware Laboratory

The Computer Hardware Laboratory has facilities for development and testing of microprocessor based systems. Research and system development work aimed at developing computer interface cards, multiprocessor systems is regularly carried out in the laboratory.

Major Equipment and Accessories available in the Microwave Laboratory

Solid State Laboratory

There are three sections in the Solid State Laboratory. These are: Solid State Laboratory for Under Graduate students, Thick film laboratory and the R&D Laboratory. The UG laboratory caters to the requirements for the under graduate teaching in the subject area of semiconductor technology and devices. The thick film laboratory has the facilities of screen printing and other equipment essential for the design and fabrication of thick film components. The R&D laboratory has facilities for research and development in the area of semiconductor devicews. The major equipment avaliable are: Photo mask aligner, Photo resist spinner, vacuum evaporator, automatic CV-plotter /meter, electrometer and a Pentium.

PCB Laboratory

The PCB laboratory has all the necessary facilities for the needs of the project include design of kernel suitable for Real Time Database applications with special emphasis on development of query language and its optimization, transaction processing techniques, concurrency control, buffer management and disk I/O scheduling.