University of Roorkee

Ph.D. Programme

Laboratories of Measurement & Instrumentation Specialization

Following laboratories are managed by the Measurement & Instrumentation (M & I) group and are being used for undergraduate/post graduate teaching, research, sponsored and consultancy projects and testing.

AIL has different types of transducers, transducers signal processing modules, and control & instrumentation experimentation kits. Two new on-line proce sses with computer based instrumentation for counter flow heat exchanger and Jac ketted kettle Process have been developed in this lab. The laboratory has the facility of pneumatic power supply for the operation and use of electro-pneumatic controllers.

ISPL has facilities for class-work experimentation, research and development, for computer based Instrumentation and Computer Aided Testing. The laboratory has facilities of digital signal processing and its associated ins trumentation. The laboratory has major equipment like energy meter test benches, computer aided testing (CAT) set, digital storage and analyzing oscillosco pes, logic analyser, sub-standard instruments, and number of personal computers .

EML is used for the basic experiments of electrical measurements and electrical & electronic instrumentation by the undergraduate and post-graduat e students at different levels.

BML has the facilities of ECG Machines, ECG Telemetry unit, Tread Mill , EMG Machine, Audiometry, Blood pressure measurement units, Chemical Analyzers and Spirometer. Besides being used by the students of Electrical Engg. Deptt., the laboratory is used by the students of other departments.

Laboratories of Power Apparatus & Electric Drive Specialization In recent past, lot of changes have taken place in the area of Power App aratus & Electric Drives (PAED) due to extensive use of Microprocessors, Microcomputer and Digital Electronics. Consequently these subjects are included in teaching and research in this specialization. Following laboratories are under the managemen t of PAED group:

JML has two sections. This laboratory consists of large number of D.C. & A.C. machines and transformers. The students at U.G. level carryout the experiments on D.C. machines, transformers, and induction machines in this lab oratory. The experiments of electrical science by the students of all branches of engineering are also being carriedout in this laboratory.

SML has higher level experiments on synchronous machines. Experiments on some other special machines are also being carried out in this laboratory.

PGML is being used for experiments on parallel operation of generators. The R & D works by P.G. students and Ph.D. scholars are also carriedout in this lab. There is a unique set up of generalized electrical machine in this lab.

EDL has facilities to carryout experimentation on different types of electric drives using power electronics, microprocessors and microcomputers. The on-line computer based experiments and development works are being carriedout in t his laboratory. R & D work for sponsored and consultancy projects in the area of power electronics, electric drive, computer controlled machines are also being carried out in this laboratory.

Laboratories of Power System Engineering Specialization Apart form undergraduate teaching, courses are also offered at postgrad uate level in the area of Power System Engineering (PSE). Following laboratories are managed by this group:

PSPL has infrastructure and facilities to carryout experiments and development work on electromagnetic and static relays, insulators, simulated-hard wired power system, bus-bar and other power system equipment.

PSSL is equipped with simulation facilities including software and hardware basedsimulator for practical class of U.G. students, for projects & seminars and dissertations of P.G. students and for R & D works of Ph.D. scholars. It has good computational facilities for on-line and off-line exp erimentation.

HVL caters the need of practical classes of U.G. & P.G. students and has facilities for R & D works for Ph.D. Scholars, sponsored and consultancy projects. High-voltage transformers, HV schering bridge, sphere-gap system, HV insul ators are available in this laboratory.

HCL has facilities to test bus-bars and other high current equipment and systems upto 16,000 Amps. This is a unique facility for testing and performance evaluat ion of high-current equipment.

Laboratories of System Engg. & Operation Research Specialization

Following laboratories, are managed by the System engineering & Operation Resear ch (SEOR) group:

MCL is used for practical class work by U.G. & P.G. students for expe riments around different types of microprocessors (8 and 16 bits) and microcomputers. The P.G. students also work for their hardware and software based projects and dissertations around microprocessors. The computer section of this laboratory has very good facilities for on-line and off-line computer based experimentation and development. The laboratory has a Robotic arm which is used for practical cla ss and other development works by the students.

The CL caters the need of U.G. and P.G. students for basic experiments of control system. The elements of control system like synchros, transmitters, receivers, lead lag- and compensated networks, delay elements, amplifiers, filters , analog computer, magnetic amplifier are available in this laboratory.

RTL has facilities to carryout testing and performance evaluation of control elements, switches, transducers and relays. It has got a facility of envir onmental chamber to carryout the testing under controlled environment with respe ct to temperature and humidity.