University of Roorkee

Ph.D. Programme

Laboratories And Facilities

There are in all 22 well-equipped laboratories and facilities which are being used for practical classes of undergraduate and post-graduate students, projects by final year undergraduate students and projects, sem inars and dissertations by post-graduate students. The R & D work by research s cholars for their Ph.Ds and works for research and sponsored and consultancy projects by faculty members are also being carried out in these laboratorie s. Followings are major laboratories and facilities within the Department:

1. Junior Machine Lab.

2. Senior Machine Lab.

3. Post-graduate Machine Lab.

4. Electric Drives Lab.

5. Power System Protection Lab.

6. Power System Simulation Lab.

7. High Voltage Lab.

8. High Current Lab.

9. Electrical Measurement Lab.

10. Instrumentation & Signal Processing Lab.

11. Biomedical Instrumentation Lab.

12. Applied Instrumentation Lab.

13. Control Lab.

14. Microprocessor & Microcomptuer Lab.

15. Reliability Engineering Lab.

16. Personal-Computers Lab.

17. Applied Electronics Lab.

18. Printed Circuit Board Lab.

19. Fabrication & Assembly Lab.

20. Drawing Office

21. Centre for Microprocessor Applications

22. Audio-Visual Lab.

Equipments / Appratus / Instruments Available