University of Roorkee

Ph.D. Programme

Laboratories as Central Facilities for All specializations

There are a number of laboratories and facilities in the Department functioning as central facilities for teaching, research and consultancy. These can be put as under :

1. Printed Circuit Board Lab. (PCBL)

2. Fabrication and Assembly Lab. (F & AL)

3. Applied Electronics Lab. (ASL)

4. Audio Visual Facilities (AVF)

5. Personal Computer Lab. (PCL)

6. Drawing Office (DO)

7. Centre for Micro processor Application (CMPA)

8. Departmental Library (DL)

PCBL is used extensively for making PCBs required by BE/ME/Ph.D. stude nts for their projects & dissertations respectively. It is well equipped with required facilities.

F & AL is equipped with fabrication & assembly facilities of metals and not metals. Basic equipment available are lathe machines, shapers, grinders and drilling machine. AEL is used exclusively for UG/PG teaching in the areas of Analog and Digital E lectronics. The laboratory has all types of analog and digital electronic compon ents, function generators, power supplies, oscilloscopes, and different types o f testing tools.

AVF is used for providing facilities in terms of teaching aids as well a s emergency power system. It has different types of audio and visual facilities, VCR, television, audio systems and diesel generator.

PCL is used for UG/PG teaching only. The students have free access to co mputers for learning and practice. The computers in this laboratory are intercon nected using local area Networking (LAN).

DO is equipped with facilities like drafting boards, ammonia printing and developing. Besides rouline works of the Department, the facilities are also useful to produce drawings for research work being carried out in the Depar tment.

CMPA was started with an aid from (MHRD, Govt. of India) and was u sed for spreading the knowledge of Microprocessor fundamentals and appli cations both inside and outside the university. The department utilizes fac ilities available at this centre for undergraduate projects. The centre has microprocessors, microcomputers, aid-on kits to be used with microprocessors, and microprocessor development system.

Departmental Library (DL) Contains about 3000 books for ready referen ce of both students and faculty.