University of Roorkee

P.G. Programme

Measurement & Instrumentation (M & I)

EE 501 Advanced Microprocessors and Applications

This is an advanced level course compulsory for all four specializat ions (with a prerequisite of the foundation course already taken up at under graduate level) devoted to advanced processors, I/O techniques, programmable support chips, analog I/O, microprocessor development systems and typical case studies.

EE 561 Measurement Systems

This course is an exposure to the fundamental concepts of engineeri ng measurement systems with generalised performance characteristics of th e measurement & instrumentation system, errors in measurement and their analy sis, modelling & analysis of measurement system, standards of measurement, and testing of measuring instruments.

EE 562 Industrial and Process Instrumentation

It deals with fundamentals, working principles and chara cteristics of transducer for process measurement alongwith process contr ollers, final control elements, design of instrumentation system, compute r applications in process plant and typical case studies.

EE 563 Bio-Medical Instrumentation

It covers topics like transducers & electrodes used in biomedica l instrumentation, instrumentation system for cardiovascular measu rement, respiratory system measurement, clinical laboratoty. Besides the se, biological stimulators, measurement of electrical activities in muscle s and brain, measurement of physical variables, patient care, monitoring & safety measures, X-ray & radioisotopic instrumentation are also covered in this course.

EE 564 Ultrasonic & H.F Instrumentation

This is a highly specialised course and the deals area with topics lik e fundamentals & applications of ultrasonic, laser, infrared and optical fi bre instrumentation systems.

EE 565 Electronic Instruments & Measurements

After a review of the fundamentals of analog and digital electronics, detailed treatment of analog & digital instruments and measurement concepts is are taken which is further followed with an exposure to interference a nd noise in electronic instruments and systems.

Besides above compuslory courses, the students undertake two electives, out of the courses given below:

EE 568 Bio-Electrical Signals & Processing
EE 569 Design of Electrical Instruments
EE 570 Echo-conservation of Instruments
EE 571 Biological System Analysis & Modelling
EE 572 Instrumentation Reliability
EE 573 Aircraft Instrumentation
EE 574 Prosthetic and Orthotic Deives Pool Elective