University of Roorkee

P.G. Programme

Power Apparatus and Electric Drives (PAED)

EE 501 Advanced Microprocessor and Applications Same as in (M&I) given above

EE 502 Advanced Control Theory

It starts with introduction to discrete systems and Z- transform met hods and goes further with controllability & obeservability, analys is of non-linear systems, stability and optimization techniques.

EE-521 Electric Drives

Starting with basics of starting and speed control of a.c.& d.c. motors, the course covers solidstate d.c.& a.c. drives, modelling and analy sis of solid state drive under steady state & transient conditions an d selection of motors.

EE-522 Generalized Theory of Electric Machines

This is an advanced level course and has contents like energy conversion principles, tensor theory, generalised rotating machines, controlled converters, choppers, inverters and cyclo-converters.

EE-523 Power Electronics

The course starts covers solid state devies and ends up with inverters , cycloconverters including phase controlled converters and choppers.

EE-524 Selected Topics in Machines & Transformers

This is a highly specialized course and deals with in depth study of induc tion machines and special machines like linear motors, motors using phas e shift control, axial field motors, permanent magnet motors, stepper motors a nd transformers.

EE 525 Synchronous Machines and System Stability

This is an advanced course with mathematical treatment and covers stea dy state, transient short circuit, and stability analysis of synchronous mach ines systems.

EE 526 CAD of Power Apparatus

The course starts with basic design principles of electrical machines followed by fundamentals of computer aided design and analysis of power apparatus with a concluding topic on design optimization of electrical machines.

Besides above courses, the students undertake two electives, out of the following :

EE 503 Optimization Techniques
EE 527 Microprocessor Controlled Electric Drives
EE 528 Design of Electric Drives
EE 529 Instrumentation in Electric Drives
EE 567 Signal Processing Techniques Pool Elective