University of Roorkee

P.G. Programme

Power System Engineering (PSE)

EE-501 Advanced Microprocessors & Applications Same as in (M & I)

EE-502 Advanced Control Theory Same as in (PAED)

EE-541 Electrical Power Apparatus

The course starts with analysis of syrchronous and induction machine s and transformers and ends up with details of power capacitor & syrchronou s condensers.

EE-542 Computer Aided Power System Analysis

Starting with sparsity techniques the course includes unbalanced load for analysis, short circuit studies for unbalanced network, state estimation bad d ata processing, reactive power allocation scheduling and transient stabilty for multimachine systems.

EE-543 EHV Transmission Systems

This is a specialized course and deals with EHV AC transmission over voltages, transmission line and sub-station design, corona and radio interf erence, long distance transmission and H.A.V. D.C. Systems.

EE-544 Relaying and Switchgear

This course deals with relay characteristics, protective current & po tential transformers, static relays, relay setting co-ordination, computer aided relaying, switchgears,testing, installation and maintenance of relays.

EE-545 High Voltage Techniques

The course deals with breakdown phenonenon, generation of high test voltages, high voltage measurments and high voltage testing.

EE-546 Power System Operation and Control

This course deals with economic operation of power system along with details of reactive power control, load frequency control and power system security.

EE-547 Power System Planning

The course starts with an introduction to economic developments and g rowth of power system and continues with further treatment of load forecasting, generation planning, transmission & distribution planning, economic considerations, and quantitative methods of long and short term planning.

Besides above courses, the students undertake two electives out of the followings:

EE 503 Optimization Techniques
EE 504 Direct Energy Convension
EE 548 Power System Dynamics
EE 549 HVDC Systems
EE 550 Power System Reliability
EE 551 Microprocessors and Online Computer Application to Power System.
EE 566 Telemechanics Power Plant Engineering Pool Elective