University of Roorkee

P.G. Programme

System Engineering & Operation Research

EE-501 Advanced Microprocessors & Applications Same as in (M & I)

EE-581 System Modelling & Simulation

This is a course deals with system models in terms of classification, order reduction and estimation of parameters. It also deals with simulation methodology, computer techniques for simulation, continuous & discrete sy stem simulations and their applications.

EE-582 System Reliability

Starting with advances in probability and its distributions, t he course covers catastrophic failure models, system reliability st udies, reliability improvement and drift failures.

EE-583 Optimization techniques and Operations Research -I

This is the first course in the series of two such courses and deals with unconstrained optimization, minimization of multivariable systems, constra ined liear optimization and dynamic programing.

EE-567 Signal processing Techniques Same as in (M & I)

EE-585 Optimization Techniques and Operations Research II

This is a second course in continuation with EE-583 and cover c onstrained non linear optimization, penalty function methods, integer programm ing, inventory models, game theory, queing theory and project scheduling by PE RT and CPM techniques.

EE-586 Optimal systems

This is an advanced level course covers non-linear systems, stability a nalysis, optimal control problem, dynamic programming, Pontyragin's minimum principle, numerical methods for optimization of dynamic systems and mini mum sensitivity control.

Besides the above courses, students undertake two electronics out of the following.

EE 547 Power System Planning
EE 566 Telemechanics
EE 587 Computer Controlled System
EE 588 Data Management
EE 589 Modelling of Industrial Processes
EE 590 Reliability Testing and Prediction
EE 591 Large Scale Systems
EE 592 Graph Theory and Application Pool Elective