University of Roorkee

Ph.D. Programme

Topics of some of the currently being pursued (including submitted) Ph.D . theses

1. Control of Static VAR Systems for Improving Power System Perform ance.

2. Microcomputer Controlled Inverter Fed Induction Motor Drive.

3. Artificial Neural Network Applications in Power System.

4. Performance Improvement of Vibration Transducers and their Applicat ion.

5. Ambulatory Monitoring and Analysis of ECG Classification

6. Artificial Neural Network Based ECG Classification

7. Adaptive Digital Control and Instrumentation

8. Artificial Neural Network Approach to Power System Security Asse ssment

9. ANN Based Process Control

10. Analysis and Interpretation of ECG Signal

11. Isolated and Grid Mode Operation of Induction Generators

12. Optimal Operation of Interconnected Power Plants

13. Simulation Study of Vector Controlled Induction Motor Drives

14. Investigations on Cycloconverter Fed Induction Machine System in Generating Mode

15. Intelligent Diagnostic and Monitoring of Electrical Machines

16. Expert System for Arrhythmia Detection Using ECG Signal

17. Investigations on Multi-phase Induction Motor Drive

18. Investigations on Grid Connected Commutatorless DC Generator

19. Intelligent Instrumentation System for Signal Analysis & Diagnosis.