University of Roorkee

U.G. Programme

Final Year

Antumn Semester :

EE 401 Protection & Switchgear

This course deals in detail with the working principles and applicat ions of electromechanical relays, static relays, protective system and swit chgears of various types.

EE 403 Control System

This is foundation course and consist of control system components, c ontrol system analysis, nonlinear system analysis and design of controlle rs.

EE 405 Applied Instrumentation

This course includes introduction to instrumentation systems, theory & applications of transducers, controllers used in instrumentation, princi ples of telemetry & telecontrol and end devices in an instrumentation system.

EE 471 Mechanical Equipment in power plant.

A through exposure is mode in the area of power plant engineering inclu ding thermal, diesel, gas, hydro nuclear and power systems. Emphasis is mainly on the operation and maintenance of mechanical equipment in these systems. Besides above subjects, the final year students take two electiv e subjects, one each in autumn and spring semesters, out of the follo wing electives:

EE 421 High Voltage engineering
EE 422 EHV A.C. & D.C.Transmission
EE 423 Switchgear
EE 424 Element of Power System Reliability
EE 425 Medical Instrumentation
EE 426 Process Instrumentation
EE 427 Ultrasonic and Optical Instrumentation
EE 428 System Reliability
EE 429 Optimization Techniques
EE 430 Operations Research
EE 431 Microprocessor Interacting and Applications
EE 432 Power System Operation and Control
EE 433 Power System Planning
EE 434 Computer Aided Design of Electrical Apparatus
EE 435 Utilization and Traction
EE 436 Testing & Commissioning of Electrical Equipment
EE 437 Analysis and Processing of Signals

The Department also offers the following courses to the students of othe r department:

EE 001 Applied Instrumentation
EE 003 Introduction to Microprocessors
EE 313 Electrical Technology
EE 441 Building Technology
EE 316 Pwer Station Practice (Electrical)

EE 402 Power System II

This is third course on power system and deals with power system contro l, grounding of system neutrals, substation equipment, surge performance inc luding its origin and protection followed by insulation co-ordination.

EE 404 Electric Drives

This is fourth course in the erea of electrical machines and contai ns review of starting & speed control of AC/DC motors, definitions and characteristics of drive systems, multiquadrant operation of motors, el ectromagnitic and solid state control of motors, and estimation of motor ratings.