University of Roorkee

U.G. Programme

First Year

The students undertake the following courses which are common to all branches of Engineering and are offered by different departments o f the university :

CE 101 Graphics - I
CY 101 Chemistry-I
ME 101 Thermal Science
HS 101 English-I
IE 101 Workshop Practice-I
MA 101 Mathematics-I
PH 101 Physics-I
CY 102 Chemistry-II
EC 102 Electronics
HS 102 English-II
MA 102 Mathematics-II
ME 106 Graphics-II
PH 102 Physics-II

The Department offers the following course to the students of all branches of Engineering including Electrical Engineering:

EE 102 Electrical Science This course is common to all branches of Engineering and comprises of basic circuit theory, measurement of electrical quantities, magnetic cir cuits, transformers, fundamentals of d.c. and a.c. machines, and electrothermal energy conversion.