University of Roorkee

U.G. Programme

Second Year

Autumn Semester : EE 201 Circuit Theory - I

This is first out of two courses offered in this area and deals with review of fundamental concepts with in depth studies of network topology, ge neral network analysis, time domain analysis, a.c. single-phase circuits an d poly-phase circuits.

EE 203 Electrical Machine - I

This is first course in electrical machines and consist of pri nciples of electromechanical energy conversion, general description of electri cal machines, detailed treatment of d.c. machines, cross-field machine s, and transformers.

EE 205 Electrical Measurements

This is an introductory course on electrical measurement and designed f or thorough exposure in the field of Standards of measurement, errors in m easurement, galvanometers, potentiometers, resistance measurement, a.c. br idges, instrument transformers, magnetic and high voltage measurements.

EE 207 Linear Electronic Circuits

This course covers the working principles of semiconductor devices like d iodes, transistors, operational amplifiers, opto-electronic devices and their applications in amplifiers, oscillators, modulators, detectors voltage re gulators and also some aspects of reliability of electronic components.

Besides these courses, the students undertake the following courses of other departments:

MA 201 Mathematics-II
MA 203 Numerical Analysis
MA 203 Mathematics-IV
ME 203 Mechanical Systems
MT 203 Electrical Materials

The students for a proficiency out of sports/NCC. This help them in deve lopment of their personality from different angles.

EE 202 Programming & Personal Computer

This course introduces digital computer system along with programm ing techniques. The students are explosed to theoretical and practical comp onents of 'C' and Fortran languages.

EE 204 Electrical Machine-II

This is a second course on electrical machines and deals with detail ed treatment of linear transformations, polyphase induction machines, pol yphase a.c. commutator machines, single phase motors, and special machines.

EE 206 Electrical and Electronic Instruments

The course covers applications of various electrical /electronics (a nalog & digtal) instruments for measuring current, voltage, power, ener gy, phase angle, time, frequency, and instruments like self balancing bridge s, potentiometers and analysers.