University of Roorkee

U.G. Programme

Third Year

Autumn Semester : EE 301 Circuit Theory II

This is a second course on circuit theores and deals with detailed trea tment of single & multi port networks, computer aided analysis of network, an d network synthesis.

EE 303 Electromagnetic Field Theory

This is an basic course dealing with electrostatics, magnetostatics, t ime varying fields and electromagnetic waves and numerical solution.

EE 305 Electrical Machines III

This is a third course on electrical machines and deals with theory o f synchronous machines, voltage regulation, synchronous motors, parallel o peration of alternators and transient analysis of synchronous generator .

EE 307 Power System - I

This is a starting course in the area of power system and cont ains introduction to transmission & distribution system (AC/DC) along with details of distribution system, types of conductors, choice of voltage, co nductor size, under ground cable, tariff and HVDC systems.

EE 309 Digital Electronics Circuits and Systems

This is second course on electronics and deal with number systems,

boolean algebra, logic gates, flip flops, monostable - and astable- multivibr ators, logic and sequential circuits, D/A and A/D converters.

Besides these courses, the students undertake the following three courses o f other departments:

HS-302 Economics and Principles of Management .
Pool Elective - I .
Pool Elective - II

There are number of courses offered by different departments for Pool Elective-I and Pool Elective-II. The students have the option to select c ourses of their choice as pool electives.

The students have one unit as Group Discussion and Viva-Voce. They are d ivided into number of sub-groups and disscuss on the given topic. This group dis cussion helps them to shade their hesitation and participate freely in group dis cussions.

EE 302 Power System Analysis

This is a second course on power system which handles sys tem representation, formation of network matrices, short circuit studies, l oad- flow and stability studies.

EE 304 System Theory

This is course deals with introduction to systems concepts & th eir classifications, dynamic system modelling using transfer funct ions, system analysis and system optimization.

EE 306 Microprocessors

This is a foundation course and contains mp-architecture, semiconduc tor memories, mp- instruction set, software, interfacing techniques and m p-applications.

EE 308 Power Electronics

This is basic course and deals with introduction to solid state power devices & operation of phase controlled converters, choppers, inverters and cycloconverters.