Mathematics Department
University of Roorkee

Major Research Schemes/ Consultancy Projects Undertaken in Recent Years

Title Mathematical Modelling and Numerical Solution of Atmos- pherical Pollution Removal Process.
Sponsored by DST
Period 1993
Principal Investigator Dr. Uma Arora

Title Analytical and Experimental Studies on Static and Dynamic Problems of Composite Materials.
Sponsored by MHRD
Period 1992-96
Principal Investigator Prof N.S.Bhatnagar, Prof. R.K.Gupta

Title Micro Mechanical Modelling of Composite Materials
Sponsored by MHRD
Period 1993-97
Principal Investigator Prof N.S.Bhatnagar, Prof. S.Basu

Title Modelling of Mechnical Be haviour in Ferrocement Composites for Low Cost Structures
Sponsored by CSIR
Period 1993-97
Principal Investigator Prof. N.S.Bhatnagar, Prof. S.Ray

Title Mathematical Models of Flow Problems in Biological systems.
Sponsored by UPCST
Period 1995-98
Principal Investigator Dr. V.K. Katiyar

Title Development of Animatics Software for Some Physical Processes.
Sponsored by AICTE
Period 1995-98
Principal Investigator Prof. B.Singh

Title Effects of Differential Rotation on the Structure Stability and Oscillation of Gaseous Spheres with Particular Refrence to Stars in Binary Systems.
Sponsored by UGC
Period 1996-99
Principal Investigator Prof. C.Mohan