Major Research Scheme/Consultancy/Collaborative Projects


1. Title Development of zirconia based ceramics from zircon
Sponsored by MHRD New Delhi
Period April 1991, 3 Years
Principal Investigator Prof. M.L. Kapoor

2. Title Metallurgical solutions to erosion problems in Hydroelectric projects
Sponsored by CBIP
Period April 1990, 5 Years
Principal Investigator Prof. D.B. Goel

3. Title Material performance in chloride environment with special relevance to stress corrosion cracking
Sponsored by OIDB
Period Sept. 1989, 4 Years
Principal Investigator Dr. V.K. Tiwari

4. Title Center for corrosion and proetection
Sponsored by MHRD
Period Feb. 1993, 2 Years
Principal Investigator Dr. V.K. Tiwari

5. Title Effect of thermomechanical treatment on properties of Ti and Ni Aluminides
Sponsored by DST New Delhi
Period Oct. 1994, 3 Year
Principal Investigator Mrs. V. Agarwala

6. Title Structure- property correlation of Ti Alumanides for aerospace applications
Sponsored by CST-UP
Period July 1994, 3 Years
Principal Investigator Mrs. V.Agarwala

7. Title Protective coatings for under water parts in hydroelectric projects
Sponsored by Oct. 1994, 3 Years
Period CBIP
Principal Investigator Dr. D.B. Goel

8. Title Effect of martensite morphology on the tribological behaviour of dual phase steels
Sponsored by CSIR, New Delhi
Period Oct. 1994, 4 Years
Principal Investigator Dr. S.K. Nath