Symposia/Seminars/Workshops Organised (last 5 years)

The department has been organizing Seminars, Symposia, Conferences and Workshops periodically in almost all important areas of the Mechanical and Industrial Engineering like Heat & Mass Transfer, Solar Energy, I.C.Engines and combustion, Machine Tool Design,Welding,Mechanical Engineering and Production Engineering, both at National and International level. In all,the department has organised 3 International and 12 National Conferences/Symposia.

The Symposia/Seminars/Conferences/Workshops organized in the last 5 years are listed below :

1. 8th National Conference of Mechanical Engineers, Oct.30-Nov.1,92

2. All India Seminar on Pumping Selection, Maintenance and Management, Sept. 11, 92

3. ISME Conference on Mechanical Engineering, Nov. 10-11, 95

4. International Conference on Advances in Mechancial & Industrial Engineering, Feb. 6-8, 97