National and International Achievements

Prof. M.K. Srivastava : International Scientific Exchange Award (NSERC, Canada) 1983,

Vice- President (1990-93) and President(1993-95) Indian Society for Atomic and Molecular Physics, Vice-President (1995-97) Indian Physics Association.

Prof.A.N.Tripathi : President, Indian Society for Atomic and Molecular Physics.

Prof.K.C.Mathur : Humboldt Fellowship,ICTP Seminar Associate

Prof.S.Auluck : U.G.C. Career Award (1980)

Prof.B.D.Indu : Distinguished Leadership Award

Dr.G.S.Singh : U.G.C. Career Award (1990) Meghbad Saha Award for Research in Theoretical Physics (1994)

Dr.R.Srivastava : U.G.C. Career Award (1994)

Dr.Vir Singh : International Exchange Award (NSERC, Canada) 1993