Campus activities


Seminars, Symposia And Workshops

In addition to the academic pursuits the campus is a venue for Conferences / Sem inars / Symposia and Workshops held by the various Departments from time to time ( over 10 such e vents were successfully organised in 1996-97 ). Such occasions provide a professionally enriching experience and also an opportunity to interact with eminent personalities and peers, from India and abroad, in specific subject areas.

Extension And Extra Mural Lectures

Extension and extra Mural lectures by eminent Engineers and Scientists are a reg ular feature in the University calendar with over 60 lectures organised in 1996-97. Visitors to the University ( more than 150 in 1996-97 ) also contribute to the continuing interaction of this Uni versity with its counterparts and the Industry at home and overseas.

Short Term Courses

Short term courses are organised by the Department of Continuing Education and t he Quality Improvement Programme on a very regular basis. Almost 30 courses were organised in 1996-97.