S.    Name               Designation  Specialisation   Highest  Current Research Area    
No.                                                    Qualific                          

1. Dr. Arun Kumar Director E&C Ph.D. Communication systems and Engineering muP based instruments 2. Sh. Naseem Ahmad Scientist Machine Design M.E. Hydro-Mechanical `C' equipment & Wind Energy. 3. Sh. Arun Kumar Scientist Water Resources M.E. Planning, Design & `C' and Hydraulics Financial aspects of Engineering Small Hydro Power and Drainage Designs 4. Sh. S.N. Singh Scientist Electrical M.E. Electrical Machines. `B' Engg. 5. Sh. Satyendra Scientist Soil Mechanics M.E. Design of Civil Mittal `B' Structures. 6. Dr. S.P. Singh Scientist System Engg. & Ph.D. CAD for Renewable `B' operation Energy System Research Electrical Machines & Control Systems. 7. Dr. M.P. Sharma Scientist Organic Ph.D. Bio-energy, Solar `B' Chemistry Energy, Wind Energy and Environment Pollution. 8. Dr. R.P. Saini Scientist Mechanical Ph.D. Hydromechanical `B' Engg. Equipment, Solar Energy & Environment Auditing. 9. Sh. S.K. Singal Scientist Structural M.E. Planning and financial `B' Dynamics aspects of SHP. Structural Design of Civil Works & Refurbishment of SHP. 10. Sh. M.K. Singhal Scientist Structures M.E. Civil Design for SHP `B' and CAD of steel gates. 11. Sh. Piyush Kumar Scientist Electrical B.E. Electrical Drives, `B' Designs Earthing & Environment Auditing.