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Information Brochure, Entrance Examination 1999
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    Schedule of Examination for REE-99

    TIME (hrs.)
    0800 - 1000
    1200 - 1400
    1530 - 1730
    0800 - 1100
    1230 - 1530
    Aptitude Test*
    * Only for those who have paid the requisite fee of Rs. 50.00 for admission to B.Arch. Degree course.

    (a) The Examination Schedule will remain unchanged, even if any of the above dates is declared a Public Holiday.

    (b) Use of Calculators and Log Tables is not allowed in the Examination. Any communication equipment like cellular phones etc. are not permitted in the Examination hall.

    (c) Candidates appearing in Aptitude Test must bring their own Drawing Instruments, Colours and Half Imperial size Drawing Boards.

    Candidates have the option to answer the papers either in ENGLISH or in HINDI. In both cases, the standard numerals and symbols ( as in English ) must be used.

    Admit Cards
    (a) ADMIT CARDS for the REE-99 will be despatched by post Under Certificate of Posting (U.P.C) at the mailing address given by the candidates on the Admit Card. A candidate who does not receive the ADMIT CARD by 26th April 1999 should contact Chairman, REE-99, through a reply paid telegram giving the application form number, full name, mailing address and code number of desired place of examination (first preference) or on phone 01332-76469 giving form number and full name.

    (b) A candidate will be allowed to appear in the REE-99 only at the centre assigned to him / her by the University.

    No request for change of centre once allotted, will be entertained.

    (c) In case a candidate has either not received the Admit Card or has lost it, duplicate card can be obtained from the Centre Superintendent of his / her examination centre. Alternatively, the duplicate Admit Card can be obtained personally from REE-99 office. Duplicate card will be issued on depositing a sum of Rs. 30.00 and two photographs identical to that pasted on the verification form.

    (d) A plea that the candidate failed to receive the intimation of permission to appear at the REE-99 will not be accepted as a reason for the refund of fee or any other redress. The University will not be responsible for any postal delay.

    (e) The University may withdraw the permission granted to a candidate, if it is found that he / she is not eligible to appear at the entrance examination even though an admit card has been issued and produced by the candidate before the Examination Centre Superintendent of REE-99.

    Writing of Roll Number and Name
    Candidates appearing at the Entrance Examination are required to write their Roll Number and Name only in the triangular space provided at the right Top Corner of the cover of the Answer Book supplied and nowhere else.

    Candidates should also write their Roll Number on the question paper in the space provided for it as soon as a paper is given to them.

    Disclosure of Identity
    Disclosure of identity in any form e.g. writing Roll Number or Name inside the answer book, making some distinguishing marks, etc., carries a penalty deduction of marks.

    Use of Unfair Means
    Use of unfair means by a candidate at REE - 99 whether detected at the time of examination, evaluation or at any other stage will lead to cancellation of his / her examination and also debar him / her from appearing in future University entrance examinations.