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Information Brochure, Entrance Examination 1999
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Application Forms

    Please carefully read the Instructions given in this Section before filling the O.M.R. Application Form.
    Instructions given are to be followed for filling up the circles of the form.
    Candidates should first write the relevant information in the boxes in ink in capital letters.
    However, the corresponding circles are to be darkened as completely as possible using HB Pencil only. Do not use ink pen or ball pen to darken the circles.
    In case of any discrepancy in circle marking and corresponding text, the circle will be taken as final.
    Do not fold, staple, pin, wrinkle or scribe anything on the O.M.R. Appli cation Form.

    Name : Write your name in full as entered in High School or equivalent certificate in the boxes and darken the corresponding circle, as per example given below :

    Date of Birth: Enter the date, month and year of your birth as per English calendar as recorded in High School or equivalent certificate in the boxes and darken the corresponding circles
    For Examples 24.5.1980 be entered as follows:

    Choice of City (Place of Examination): Fro the list of places of examination. Select THREE PLACES, in order of preference, from where you would like to appear in the examination(give code number only) For example, a candidate whose preferences are Delhi (North), Delhi(West) Faridabad respectively should fill as:
    and darken the corresponding circles as shown below:
    While every effort will be made to allot a centre in one of the places selected by the candidate, the university may at its discretion allot a centre other than the candidate's choice.
    Request for change of Examination Centre once alloted will not be entertained.

    Sex: Fill up Male or Female circle as the case may be.

    Category code: Write the category code as given below in the box /boxes provided.First fill up any one code from Categories 1 to 6. In case you also belong to one of the categories from 7 and 8, fill up that code also or leave that box/circle blank.

    Attested copy of requisite certificate to authenticate for S.C, S.T, OBC,Alumni,University Employee,Freedom Fighter & physically Handicapped category must accompany the aplication Form.

    No change of category will be permitted at any stage.

    The candidate is entirely responsible to prove his/her eligibility for claiming reservation under any of the above categories.

    A candidate belonging to OBC(04) and PH(08) categories will fill up as shown below

    catigory Code

    Aptitude Test: Give complete details of Bank Draft if you fill up YES for Aptitude Test Option as shown below.

    Father 's Name: Write the name of your father in the boxes and darken the corresponding circles.

    Mailing City: Write the name of your place of residence and its PIN code and darken the correspoding circles.

    Medium: Give the medium of education upto 10 + 2 stage viz Hindi /English by darkening the corresponding circle.

    Application Fee paid: Darken the corresponding circle indicating the amount paid for obtaining the application form from Bank/University. This should not include Aptitude Test fee paid , if any.

    State / Union Territory Code: Darken the appropriate code circle of the state / Union Territory to which a candidate belongs.

    Decleration: The decleration is to be signed by the candidate. Unsigned forms will not be accepted.

    NOTE: O.M.R. Application Form Number may be noted carefully for future reference. In case of any discrepancy in the application form number given on the two forms, O.M.R. Form Number will be treated as correct.