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Information Brochure, Entrance Examination 1999
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    Aptitude Test (350 Marks - 3 Hours)

    Free Hand Drawing
    The Free - hand drawing would comprise simple, ornamental pattern on enlarged scale. Sketching of simple objects of daily use like furniture, Kitchenware, flower-vases and common domestic objects from memory.

    Geometrical Drawing
    Exercises in geometrical drawing comprising lines, angles, triangles, quadrilaterals, polygons and circle etc. Study of Plan - Elevation of simple solid objects like Cylinders, Cones, Cubes and Prisms etc. Letter Printing.

    Memory and Imagination
    Sketching of scenes and activities from rural and urban life commonly observed, such as : markets, festivals, bathing-ghats, fetes, play-ground, etc. from memory. Three Dimensional Perception. Understanding and appreciation of scale and proportion of objects, building forms and elements, colour, texture and surface treatment.

    Aesthetic Sensitivity
    Design and drawing of geometrical or abstract patterns in pencil shading. Water / poster colour in any other medium, such as, wall - hanging, cover design, greeting / invitation cards.

    Architectural Awareness
    General interest and awareness of persons, places, buildings, etc. of architectural importance in India. (Objective type questions).