National Honour
Many Vice-Chancellors of the University have been recipients of the Padma awards. Dr. A.N. Khosla and Dr. Ghananand Pande were honoured with Padma Vibhushan; Dr. Jai Krishna and Dr. M.R. Chopra with Padam Bhushan; and Dr H.C. Visvesvaraya with Padam Shri. Dr. S.K. Joshi, former Professor at the University was also honoured with Padma Shri.

Top Level Appointments
Dr. A.N. Khosla as Governer of Orissa; Dr S.K. Joshi, as Director General, C.S.I.R.; Dr. S.K. Khanna, as Vice-Chairman, U.G.C. and Chairman, A.I.C.T.E., Dr. V.K. Gaur, as Secretary, Department of Oceanography, Dr. N.C. Mathur, as Vice-Chairman, U.G.C.; Dr. D.V. Singh, Vice-Chairman, A.I.C.T.E., Prof S.C. Katoch as Chairman, H.P.S.E.B.; Dr. K.C. Thomas, as Chairman, H.P.S.E.B. are some of the many who occupied exalted position after serving the University.

Dr. W.U. Malik a former Professor of this University was appointed Vice-Chancellor of University of Kashmir, Bundelkhand University and Allahabad University. Prof Rajendra Prakash an alumnus and former Professor was appointed Vice-Chancellor of Hemwati Nandan Bahuguna University, Srinagar (Garhwal) apart from Dr. A.N. Khosla, Dr. Ghananand Pande, Dr M.R. Chopra, Dr. Jai Krishna, Dr. Jagdish Narain, Dr. Bharat Singh and Dr. N.C. Mathur alumni or former faculty members in this University who were appointed Vice-Chancellor of the University of Roorkee itself. Present Vice-Chancellor Prof N.C. Nigam is alumni of this University.

Directors - Indian Institutes of Technology
A number of Professors who have been on the faculty of this University or alumni have been appointed Directors of IITs. These include Prof. Shankar Lal, Prof O.P. Jain, Prof . P.V. Indiresan, Prof. C.S. Jha and Prof. N.C. Nigam.

Directors of R&D Institutes
Former Professors of the University have been appointed Directors of R&D Institutes of national importance, namely Dr. Shamsher Prakash of Central Building Research Institute, Roorkee, Dr. V.K. Gaur of National Geophysical Research Institute, Hyderabad, Dr. P. Khanna of National Environmental Engineering Research Institute, Nagpur, Dr. S.K.Joshi of National Physical Laboratory, New Delhi, Dr. Satish Chandra of National Institute of Hydrology, Roorkee, Dr. D.V. Singh of Central Road Research Institute, New Delhi, and Dr. D.N. Trikha of Structural Engineering Research Centre, Ghaziabad.

Shanti Swarup Bhatnagar Awardees
The research work of the faculty has been widely recognised. Seven faculty members have been so far honoured with the coveted Shanti Swarup Bhatnagar Award which include Dr. Jai Krishna, Dr. S.K. Joshi, Dr. V.K. Gaur, Dr. D.V. Singh, Dr. P.S. Moharir Dr. Aloke Gupte and Dr. Sri Niwas.

President of National Academies and Professional Institutions
Many faculty members, have been elected as Fellows of Indian National Science Academy and Indian National Academy of Engineering. Dr. A.N. Khosla was the first engineer to become Presedent of the Indian National Science Academy and Dr. S.K. Joshi has been the President of the Academy in the recent past. While Dr. Jai Krishna is the founder President of the Indian National Academy of Engineering, Dr. Shanker Lal, Dr. Satish Chandra and Dr. H.C. Visvesvaraya have been the President of the Institution of Engineers (India).

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