The department of metallurgical and materials engineering was founded in 1963 primarly to train students at the under graduate level. Post graduate programmes including doctor of philosophy in physical and extractive metallurgy were initiated in 1969. Industrial metllurgy at the Post graduate level was started in 1979. Research and development activities including sponsored research were initiated in the early 1970's. It is to the credit of the faculty that it has been possible to maintain a uniformly high level of the R & D activities. The research efforts of the faculty have been both nationally and internationally recognized. A key feature of the R & D efforts is their applied bias. our faculty have developed for the first time in India, stainless steel bellow's for M/S INDFOS INDIA GHAZIABAD, cermet for polishing ophalmic glass for M/S GOPAL KRISHAN BROS. PVT LTD, AGRA. Nitride coating over threading dies for M/S SHARP TOOL PVT LTD, PAUNTA SAHIB, has been successfully developed. In recognition of our excellent academic record, U G C has given financial assistance under the programme S A P and COSIST. AICTE has also given financial assistance under the programme modernnisation of labs.

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