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Information Brochure, Entrance Examination 1999
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    Application Form and Fee
    The Information Brochure and Application Form may be obtained from the listed branches of State Bank of India on cash payment of requisite Application Fee including bank commission.

    It can also be obtained from the Chairman, REE-99, on written request giving mailing address alongwith a bank draft of the requisite amount. Once an application form for the REE-99 has been purchased from the bank or the University, no claim for refund of the fee for any reason whatsoever will be entertained nor can this fee be held in reserve for next year.

    Aptitude Test Fee

    (i) The Application Fee paid while purchasing application form from the Bank or the University, is for seeking admission to B.E. Degree Courses only.

    (ii) For the candidate seeking admission to B.Arch. Degree Course also an additional Aptitude Test Fee of Rs. 50.00 is to be paid. This additional fee of Rs. 50.00 is payable by a crossed bank draft drawn in favour of "REE ACCOUNT" payable at the State Bank of India, University branch, Roorkee (Code No. 1069) and crossed "A/C Payee Only" and must be sent with the form with proper entries made there in. The candidate must write application form number and his / her name at the back of the draft.

    Financial Assistance

    The University awards merit scholarship with exemption from tution fee, to 20% of the students; and half free ship only to additional 10% of the students, in every class. Scholarships are also available to all SC/ST students. In addition, there are a number of other scholarships and loans available.