Mathematics Depattment
University of Roorkee

    The Department of Mathematics attained its present status of an independent department in 1960. Growing steadily, the department now consists of a sanctioned faculty of thirty four members. The Department not only teaches Mathematics to undergraduate and postgraduate students of various engineering and science departments, but also offers its own programmes at postgraduate level in Applied Mathematics, Industrial Mathematics and Informatics, and Computer Applications. The department has also facilities for research work leading to Ph.d. degree in different branches of Pure and Applied Mathematics. Besides the central computing facilities of the University, the Department has its own computational laboratory. It is also in the process of setting up a laboratory in Mathematical modelling.Department is receiving financial aid from U.G.C. in the form of DSA and COSIST programmes in order to raise its standard to international level. Department has expertise to offer consultancy in mathematical modelling of real life problems. It can also offer courses on programming languages and help in development of computer software. The faculty also joins Industrial research and consultancy teams of the University faculty to mutually solve engineering design prolems involving higher mathematics content.

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